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4 min readMar 23, 2023

We’re absolutely thrilled to finally share with you the amazing progress we’ve made since we announced Ivy’s existence last summer. Our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, listening intently, grinding silently, and carefully validating everything we do. And we are bouncing off the walls today to announce where we are headed!

Our vision is nothing short of revolutionary: we’re creating a seamless platform that completely transforms the way nature-based solution (NBS) projects are brought to life.

To kick-start our sharpened vision, we are launching our brand-new website. But that’s just the beginning. Over the next weeks, we will share deep insights into what we’ve been developing in close exchange with some of the key stakeholders in the forward financing space.

The dilemma of fragmented data

The problem we’re tackling is the fragmented data underlying the NBS project process. Financing an early-stage environmental project is all about matching demand with supply — at least on the surface. Underneath the surface, it is about coordinating, verifying, and cross-checking vast amounts of data points, aligning forward contracts with lawyers, project developers, third-party consultancies, and Insurance providers. Currently, this is being done case by case and in the least coordinated way imaginable. Data is collected and processed manually and stored in isolated spreadsheets and PDFs. The result? There is a lack of high-quality, structured, and comparable data. Respectively, that is causing this high-potential asset class to remain untapped by some of the largest asset managers in the world.

” The VCM is a bit of a wild west currently, and besides carefully monitoring it with our task force, there are no concrete actions to get further involved.” (BlackRock)

On the supply side of the market, a handful of developers are responsible for the majority of historical issuances. According to a report by Abatable, out of all the developers who were tracked, 20% of the total number were collectively responsible for 68% of the historical issuances.

Small to mid-sized project developers face the daunting barrier of entry due to a lack of in-house resources and funds. Before they can even think about scaling up, new and small project developers must secure capital for their first project and funds for the pre-feasibility stage.

“For us, the first $100,000 is much harder to raise than the next $10 million.” (Quote by Project Developer, Report by Thallo)

Ivy is here to change this

This is where Ivy comes in, we’ve been working closely with key stakeholders in the forward financing space, drawing on their insights to address these issues. In the meantime, we have been developing our integrated platform which allows seamless and streamlined collaboration between everyone involved in forward investment (and beyond). And crucially, with this platform, we aim to democratize the funding process for PDs, as well as mature, and open up this asset class to the world.

As of today, project developers are using Ivy to receive and(or) coordinate forward financing. PDs have access to a curated selection of third-party providers such as insurances, auditors, investors, marketplaces, and feasibility providers — all managed over a single platform to drastically shorten and streamline the funding cycles.

For Investors and marketplaces

Ivy provides a platform to manage your forward deals and, with our partner network, offers you an integrated suite of experts to tap into various resources for secure forward investments. To get access to early projects that are currently being funded on Ivy — reach out here.

For projects developers and owners

Getting funding for your early-stage environmental project just became a whole lot easier. Upload and manage our project data via Ivy and get access to 100+ Investors, third-party auditors, and validation and verification bodies (VVB). Bring your existing network and tap into our partner network wherever resources are needed. Manage all stakeholders via one point of contact, saving valuable time, and in-house resources. Start from here.

Third-party providers

Sign up to become an Ivy partner and get access to project developers and investors, as well as Ivy’s growing inventory of market data.

Final note

We’re thrilled to be introducing Ivy’s new product vision to the world and look forward to creating an efficient and effective platform that helps to scale the next generation of nature-based solution projects through digital infrastructure and streamlined project processes.

Follow our journey:

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