White Paper “Streamlining Blue Carbon Projects: A Path to Accelerate Climate Impact”

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3 min readMay 30, 2023


According to InsideClimate News (2022), “Humanity has already altered 70 percent of the land”, with wetlands experiencing a 35% loss in just half a century since 1970 (United Nations, 2023). Nature-based Solutions (NBS) offer a promising approach to addressing the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem degradation. These solutions involve working with and enhancing nature to address environmental and socio-economic challenges, such as sustainable agriculture, reforestation, and wetland restoration (International Union for Conservation of Nature [IUCN], 2020). One specific subset of NBS, known as Blue Carbon projects, focuses on the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems (i.e. mangrove forests, seagrass meadows, and salt marshes) to sequester and store carbon dioxide and mitigate the impacts of climate change (Nellemann et al., 2009).

However, despite the pressing need for urgency, accuracy, and coordination in addressing climate change, the current process of implementing and certifying NBS and Blue Carbon projects is often slow, expensive, and inefficient. The Thallo report highlights that some projects can take up to six years to be certified as offset projects. Every delay in the start of a new project costs the planet valuable time, and a failure to keep up with the increase in supply could result in a cost of 4.8 GT until 2030, equivalent to not offsetting the emissions of 37 million US citizens during the same eight-year period (Thallo, 2022).

To scale NBS projects, we need to step back and rethink the tools at our disposal — just as we never could have built the ReFi movement on Macintosh 128K (the first personal computer by Apple) — we can’t enhance the speed, efficiency, and integrity of NBS projects without the right data processing system. For this reason, as our first step towards solutions, we are sharing our research with our new whitepaper.

Overview of the White Paper

The white paper explores the roadmap for Blue Carbon project certification, identifies the key challenges faced in scaling these projects, and proposes ways to streamline the process and enhance data systems for more effective results. The document outlines:

Current Blue Carbon Project Data Journey, which includes seven key steps:

  1. Developing Project Identification Note (PIN)
  2. Project Design Document (PDD)
  3. Validation Audit
  4. Monitoring
  5. Verification Audit
  6. Registration and Issuance

Challenges in Scaling the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM)

  1. Inefficient data gathering: slow, error-prone, and expensive due to manual processes.
  2. Lack of data coordination: Inconsistent and uncoordinated data systems make it challenging for stakeholders to access and share information effectively.
  3. The lack of transparent and high-quality data in the carbon credit market creates information asymmetry, making it difficult for buyers to make informed decisions and limiting suppliers’ ability to price carbon credits competitively, which exacerbates the challenges in scaling the voluntary carbon market.
Fig. 1. Roadblocks, Solutions, and Potential Unlocks. By Ivy Protocol, 2023


By streamlining the data journey in Blue Carbon projects, we can accelerate the deployment of NBS to mitigate climate change and protect our planet’s precious ecosystems. Enhancing data systems and fostering collaboration between stakeholders will unlock the full potential of these projects.

To learn more about the challenges and potential solutions for scaling Blue Carbon projects, download our whitepaper.

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